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You can download and print these handouts in any way you want but please do not change them. They are copyrighted so you cannot reproduce them for use in any form of media without permission from the APDT.

Activities you can do
with your dog


There’s more to owning a dog than just walking around the street, tossing a ball or taking a trip to the beach. There’s a whole world of fun things that you and your dog can get involved in. Your dog will get to do some amazing things and make new friends – and so will you!

Does your dog need enrichment?


Do you come home to find holes dug in your garden, your furniture destroyed, or complaints from a neighbour about barking? Maybe your dog needs something to do while you are away.

Clicker Training for your Dog

A training method for all animals that is fun and force-free.

Hot Days and your Dog

In summer, the temperature can really heat up. Many of us go to work in air-conditioned offices and may even work out doors. Our dogs often have limited choices when we are at work. The swelter in the heat until we come home. 

Travelling with your Dog in the Car

Whether driving to the corner shop, dropping the kids at school, or heading out of the city on a holiday, you need to keep your dog safe while riding in the car. By following a few simple steps, car safety for your dog is easy – your dog’s life depends upon it. 


Exercise should form an essential part of any enrichment program and

indeed part of every dog’s daily life – regardless of the breed or size.

There are lots of options when it comes to exercise so it doesn’t all have to

be about physical activity – mental activity is also important

Puppy Survival Guide

New puppies are cute and fun but can also be a lot of hard work if you aren’t prepared. Use this survival guide to help get you and your puppy through those first weeks or months when you are both learning about each other. 

So you have a new puppy

It is an exciting time bringing a new puppy into your home. It is important to get started on socialising and teaching your puppy how to behave.

Going on holidays? Some options for your dog

Everyone would like to take their dog when on holidays but sometimes this can't happen. Here are some options.

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